hey aywas users how would you guys feel about some sort of mafia/apocalypse hound themed event

c-can it be an event that is not


where you a) explore for currency b) buy ~themed pets~ from the seasonal shop c) participate in miscellaneous board competitions of some sort d) submit ~special~ silver species (I suppose this one is more of a moot point now)

because those events are cool! and good! 

but also numerous.

so numerous.

and anyway mafia/apo hound sounds like it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL dear lord, you could make it over a week or so with each day revealing a little more of the plot or storyline

it doesn’t even have to involve coding, if you have puzzles posted in the announcements thread

some sort of teamwork event where all of aywas works together to figure stuff out, with puzzles

or like a giant site-wide treasure hunt of some kind

or territory wars or something

i don’t know, it probably needs a little refining, but


events that are not ‘[insert theme here] day!’ events? 

could be neat